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North Northumberland

Places of interest on the English side of the border in North Northumberland include Holy Island, which is the site of a 6th century monastery famous for the production of the Lindisfarne Gospels in 700 AD led by St Cuthbert and also renowned for its wealth of wildlife.

College Valley itself, with its large ancient woodland area, ancient hill camps of varied natural history including rare raptors and red squirrels.

The Farne Islands rich in wildlife and particularly in spring as nesting site for sea birds. Budle Bay where at low tide many waders congregate particularly Arctic Terns, Puffins and Razor Bills.

If you enjoy castles and beautiful gardens you could visit Alnwick Castle the home of the Percy family since the 15th century. Appreciate the now famous Millennium gardens created recently by the Percy family in conjunction with other nationally acclaimed horticulturists.

Scottish Borders

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