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Hethpool House

Hethpool House, Northumberland

St Cuthbert's Way

St Cuthbert's Way

St Cuthbert’s Way walkers pass the drive of Hethpool House on the wildest section of the walk midway between Kirk Yetholm and Wooler in the heart of the Cheviot Hills. Hethpool is a natural haven for walkers who find a 13-mile stretch too arduous, and offers comfortable beds and excellent home cooking for weary pilgrims. The Letts considerable knowledge of the hills and the people of the area provides specialist expertise for those looking for non-routed walking, sight of the route to the next, and are happy to provide guidance if required. Many walkers spend more than one night here and we are always happy to provide transport if it is convenient for all of us. Please note that transport is not part of your booking. When we can help we do and we won’t charge you for this. But there are times when we simply can’t oblige and in these cases we can help you to make a booking directly with the local taxi firm.

There is also an excellent baggage carrier who will move bags and do taxi service as well.


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